Sensational: Brother From Another Planet

November 26th, 2009

Sensational The Wire Cover

Sensational is rapper that used to crash on my couch way back when. Whenever he was over, we would record tracks which he would burn on CDRs and sell in the streets. Once, one of those CDs made it into the hands of a Village Voice writer who reviewed it and I was both amazed and feeling great about working with an underground legend. Sensational came into the game in 1994 as a late addition to the Jungle Brothers and he has been grinding all these years. I just got an email from a friend this afternoon that he’s on the cover of The Wire. That’s got me feeling that everything is right with this world, just keep doing what you do and good things will come.

Watch this exclusive Sensational European/Japan Tour Video and grab a copy of The Wire.

Can’t wait to read it. Chunk of bliss!

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