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Popcaan “Where We Come From” Out Now

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


It’s been years since I first started talking to Popcaan about making an album and eventually we committed to making one. Today it sees release and it’s been an honor to be involved!

Big thanks to Popcaan and the production collaborators Dubbel Dutch, Jamie VYP, Anju Blaxx and Addie Instrumental.

Buy the album now and support!

Stylo G – Ready

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

I produced the brand new Stylo G single “Ready” which is the follow up to his UK Top 20 charting single “Soundbwoy.” Look out for the video dropping soon.

UPDATE: The video is live, watch it now.

Diplo’s “A Diary of Dancehall” in Vanity Fair

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Photo by Shane McCauley

Go check out Diplo’s “A Diary of Dancehall” over at Vanity Fair. Written by Diplo and photographed by Shane McCauley, the piece covers some of my work in Jamaica, Popcaan, Creep Chromatic, Passa Passa and a bunch more. Kingston stand up!

Loudspeaker Riddim Out Now

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Loudspeaker Riddim is out now! Featuring voicings from Beenie Man, Natalie Storm, Machel Montano and Popcaan.

Buy it now from iTunes, Juno and Boomkat.

Vybz Kartel ‘Yuh Love’ Video Hits 5 Million Views

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

The first track I did with Vybz Kartel. Thanks to everyone who’s supported this song!

Riddim Magazine Names ‘Kingston Story’ Album of the Year

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Big thanks to the German magazine Riddim for recently naming Vybz Kartel’s ‘Kingston Story’ the Best Album of the Year. See all the top picks in their most recent issue.

Dre Skull Interview on Working In Jamaica and Producing Upcoming Vybz Kartel Full Length

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Vybz Kartel and Dre Skull

How did you begin collaborations with Jamaican artists? Were you interested in particular vocalists/particular sound?

My first project was the single “Gone Too Far” with Sizzla, and I reached out via the internet. In terms of my interest, I’ve been a fan of Jamaican music for a long time, so it was a longstanding dream to be working with Jamaican artists. The first track I did with Vybz Kartel, “Yuh Love,” was a similar thing (over the internet). But lately, I’ve been coming to down to Kingston quite a bit to get into the studio with people directly and that’s definitely my preferred way of working when it’s possible. In terms of whom I’ve worked with, I’ve basically chosen people I was interested in for particular projects I had in mind. There are other artists I’ve wanted to voice whose label has offered very bad contractual terms so it wasn’t possible to get it done. But overall, I feel very good about who I’ve worked with, it’s been amazing and I expect to keep doing more projects.

Read the full Dre Skull interview on Soundclash.

Profile in XLR8R Magazine

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Mixpak Labels We Love XLR8R

The new issue of XLR8R magazine has a nice profile on me and Mixpak as part of their Labels We Love coverage.

Not since the days of Bobby Konders’ and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez’s ragga-hip-hop hybrids of the early to mid-’90s has the US-Jamaica bashment connection seemed so energized as it does with Brooklyn producer Dre Skull’s Mixpak label.

Buy the magazine or read the article online.

Dre Skull In Jamaica

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Vybz Kartel and Dre Skull

I went down to Kingston, Jamaica in mid-June to record with Vybz Kartel and I’ve finally gotten this post together.

In June, Kartel was watching every single World Cup game, so he was waking up around 8am which left me a little concerned as to whether he would be up for some late night recording. I flew down on a Monday and our first scheduled session was for 3pm on Tuesday, but by 7pm there was no word from him and things weren’t looking too good. Still, I had heard stories that I would likely be waiting, so I was ready for it. By 9pm, I heard the arrangement was to meet him on the side of the road at a specific time—to be waiting in a car—and then follow him to a studio that he was not going to disclose in advance. That’s exactly what happened. When the time came, we linked on the side of a road and subsequently began a twisting and turning journey through the streets of Kingston following Kartel to the mysterious studio.

Walking into the building that housed the studio, there was a dark room with a few young women half asleep on two black leather couches. Past them was the doorway to the actual studio. Once inside, the door was locked and we got right to work. The first track I wanted Kartel to voice was the least dancehall track I had brought, a sort of 135 bpm, half time thing which you can hear a snippet of in the video below. Kartel liked it straight away and said he was good to voice it. His engineer Notnice was manning the computer and handling the recording duties. Kartel had him play the track repeatedly while he messed around with his Blackberry. After a few minutes he was ready to go. Notnice turned off the lights and Kartel sat in front of the mic with the music in his headphones and smoked as the beat played. After a minute or two, he began to make wordless, vocalizations over the track. Notnice was recording everything. I could barely discern any melody, but he was clearly searching it out. Occasionally he would ask Notnice to play back a section to listen to a part and think about it. Within ten minutes, he had started putting down full lines with words and melody. He wasn’t too particular about the lines or fragments of melody being in linear order. He might do the fourth bar in the chorus before going back and doing the first three. Things like that. The pace started to pick up and the song was taking shape very quickly. In addition to writing the words and melody, he was hearing the mix of the song in his head and instructing Notnice to take this word or that word and double it and pan each take. Within an hour or maybe an hour and a half, the first song was done.


New Vybz Kartel Single “Yuh Love”

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Vybz Kartel Yuh Love Cover

Stream Vybz Kartel – Yuh Love (Produced by Dre Skull)